Ideal Wellness of Colorado Now Offers ShiftSetGo!

ShiftSetGo combines world-class coaching, nutritious Shift meals, and the best maintenance program in the industry so you can lose the weight and keep it off for good!

Transformation Made Simple

No matter how much weight you need to lose, this program is designed to help you not just lose the weight, but keep it off for good.



It all starts with a Shift. During the Shift stage, you’ll not only Shift your weight, but Shift the way you think about food as well. With our perfect combination of world class coaching and Shift meal program, you’ll launch your body into fat burning mode.



Once you’ve completed your Shift and achieved your weight loss goals, it’s time to Set! The Set stage helps you stabilize the healthy new habits you developed during your Shift by slowly removing Shift meals and replacing them with whole foods.



ShiftSetGo has developed the best maintenance program in the industry. You’ll continue to see your coach twice a month for the balance year and monthly for life to help maintain those healthy habits so you can GO try new recipes GO try new activities and GO take on that life you were meant to live!

Pete James

Clinic Owner/Certified ShiftSetGo Coach

Pete James is the Clinic Owner & Certified ShiftSetGo Coach at Ideal Wellness of Colorado. Having lost 55 lbs himself, Pete has been assisting people lose weight and keep it off since 2009. He has worked with professional programs such as Slim4Life, Slimgenics, Ideal Protein and Metabolic Research Centers and decided to open his own practice in 2018 where, so far, he has assisted his clients to lose over 8,000 lbs and counting!

Pete has a passion for educating his clients through the entire journey (weight loss and weight management) and he has a way of explaining complex ideas into ideas that are easy to understand and then able to apply to their journey. Wellness has always been a passion of Pete’s and he has a vision of long-term health for every member at Ideal Wellness of Colorado!

Pete enjoys traveling to new destinations, hiking, and attending concerts!

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